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Buy Eric Owen Moss's Award-Winning Rancho Park Petal House

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On the market for the first time in a decade is Eric Owen Moss's much-lauded-and-also-crazy 1982 Petal House in Rancho Park. Built on and around a 1945 house just north of the 10 Freeway, the house has a pool, rooftop spa (the house's "unseen heart, its pistil," according to the LA Times), four bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,641 square feet, and there's a detached office/guesthouse in the back. And that's about all the hard facts we could glean from the listing. It does, however, tell us that the home is "An Investigation Into Modernism vs. Post-Modernism Exploring The Boundaries Of Architecture Which Are Meant To Speak To The Joy of Discovery of Design Between Owner and Architect With Less Emphasis On Convention But Using A Metric Of The Exploration of Conceptual Propositions To Gauge Its Success," which is way better than boring old information about backyards and closet space. Petal House won AIA LA's 25 Year Award last year, and is looking for "The Next Steward of This Architectural Marvel" in addition to $1.349 million.
· 2828 Midvale Ave [Listing Site]