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AmazonFresh HQ Spotted, No Whole Foods at Wilshire La Brea

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INGLEWOOD: More man-on-the-street reporting of AmazonFresh activity--seems that Amazon's newly-arrived grocery delivery service is working out of a warehouse on Florence near the 405 in Inglewood. "Looks like they were hard at work!" says our tipster. [Curbed Inbox]

HANCOCK PARK: A tipster passes on a multi-sourced rumor of a Whole Foods opening up in the under-construction Wilshire La Brea apartment project, but no dice, according to a rep for the grocer: "Whole Foods Market is continuing to look for ways to grow and serve the La Brea area. While we have no plans for a new store here at this time, we are excited to open several upcoming locations in Burbank, Palm Desert, Playa Vista, and Silverlake." This would be relatively close to the big store at Third and Fairfax, so makes sense. [Curbed Staff]