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Behold: Downtown Terror Drills "Like Something Out of a Movie"

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We were promised crazy terror drills, and by golly we got 'em. LAPD officers treated attendees of a homeland security conference at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel Downtown to blocked streets, cleared freeways, "blank" gunfire, low-flying helicopters, helicopters with officers rappelling out of them, and emergency vehicles "with lights and sirens," according to CBS. Lights and sirens, how unusual! "The only thing that could be more real are dead bodies and real bullets," said LAPD Deputy Chief Mike Downing. Enjoy the photo and video evidence emailed in by tipsters who caught the drills as they went down.

In other helicopter news not related to today's drill, a helicopter crashed in Griffith Park this afternoon, injuring four people.
· LAPD Conduct Drill Response To WMD Device In Downtown [CBS]