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The Food at Palihouse Santa Monica, Mirabelle Out in WeHo, Farm-to-Table Japanese in West LA

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SANTA MONICA: Eater takes a look at the recently-opened Palihouse Santa Monica, a new outpost of the local hotel chain. Food options are limited at the moment--breakfast and lunch--but the hotel's design wows: " 2001 the building was deemed a historical landmark by the City of Santa Monica. The property was shockingly well maintained over the years by past owners, thus all ceiling and door moldings, stained glass windows and such are all original."

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Mirabelle, an institution on the Sunset Strip for 43 years, is shuttering to make way for a new Rock and Reilly's. Mirabelle's owner admits a recent remodel went over like a lead balloon and the faithful were disenchanted.

WEST LA: Sushi Sasabune, formerly at Wilshire and Carmelina, recently decamped for a new home. Its replacement will be a farm-to-table Japanese place called Maru, offering interesting items like jellyfish in vinegar, monk fish liver, and yellowtail collar, but also teriyaki chicken, udon and soba preps. Opening undetermined.
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