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AEG Will Probably Run Convention Center, Have Total South Park Domination

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Did you think LA Live developer AEG's grip on South Park was loosening with the rearrangement of the company and the quasi-death of its NFL stadium plan? Nope! The city's budget chief is recommending that the city hand AEG control of the LA Convention Center. The city hopes to save money by bringing in a private operator; AEG's NFL plans once included a full reconfiguration of the Convention Center, but now it looks like the city will probably have to handle that itself. AEG was one of two companies to bid on the operator job and was nearly disqualified for refusing to turn over financial documents; the city restarted bidding and AEG played by the rules. In a memo, City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana said "said an outside panel weighed in on the selection of AEG. He also writes the 'AEG proposal presents an enhanced, cost-effective, and unique experience for all Convention Center visitors'," reports the Daily News. The City Council is set to vote on the matter at the end of the month.
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