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Chaos on Figueroa Tomorrow, Famous People's LA Tips

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DOWNTOWN: Sounds like there is some super craziness going down on Figueroa between Fourth and Fifth (in front of the Bonaventure) tomorrow--as part of the Counter Terrorism Conference, the LAPD will be involved in an elaborate training exercise: "The Scenario that will take place will look like something out of a movie. There will be gunshots heard (Blanks), helicopters flying overhead, a helicopter landing in the middle of 5th & Figueroa, PA systems used, Loud noises. Basically controlled CHAOS," according to a memo. Fig, Fourth, Fifth, Flower, and the adjacent freeway will all be shut down, but also it's likely that "people in the high rises will see this and become extremely concerned thinking that something real is happening and they will become nervous and concerned." Uh, yeah. If you see it going down, please do send us pics and tales. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: Famous people: what do they think of LA? Oh, a new book has got your number, question-asker--My City, My Los Angeles has "dozens and dozens of top celebrities and famous people (including Jessica Chastain, Hugh Jackman, Kim Kardashian, Dustin Hoffman, Selena Gomez, Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, Usher, and more)" sharing tips and favorite spots in the city. [Curbed Inbox]