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Is USC Deal to Take Over LA Coliseum a War on Children?

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More than a year ago, USC finalized terms with the state to take over control of the struggling LA Memorial Coliseum, but when public hearings began last week, the Coliseum's Exposition Park museum neighbors started raising hell about the parking agreement. Under the lease, USC would make improvements to the Coliseum and Sports Arena, and get 70 percent of the California Science Center and African American Museum's parking spaces on 25 special event days each year, for 98 years. They'd get to keep all the revenue from the two stadiums. Now a CSC trustee is asking Governor Brown to put the kibosh on the lease, saying " the loss of parking revenue would cut deeply into educational programs offered by the Science Center and the neighboring California African American Museum," reports the LA Times. Marvin Holen says "It's basically a war being waged on children." The CSC board is scheduled to vote on the agreement tomorrow.
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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

3911 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90037