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Metro Wants to Work on Downtown Train Both Day and Night

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Metro is hosting public meetings this week to brief the community on construction of the Regional Connector light rail project, a 1.9-mile underground tunnel with three Downtown stations that will allow transfer-less train rides across the county. The most notable news is that the transit agency is requesting permits for extended work hours when it comes to building the project (it's currently in pre-construction with underground utilities being yanked out). If the community doesn't rise up and the permits are granted, Metro would be allowed to have workers tunneling and building at night (as long as they stay within noise limits), during rush hour, and through the holidays, as construction work is often restricted between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. What's funny is that even with the sped-up work, Metro doesn't anticipate the project opening until 2020, though it was always thought the ribbon would be cut in 2019.
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