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Map of Grand Theft Auto's LA, AmApp Employees Get Free Valet

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LOS SANTOS: Video game (and to a lesser extent Los Angeles) nerds are counting the days until the September release of Grand Theft Auto V, which takes place in the fictionalized LA of Los Santos. Publisher Rockstar Games has said many times now that the world of the game is huge, bigger than those of GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV, and Red Dead Redemption combined, and now fans have managed to piece together a map "based on images released by the developer thus far." Check it out above. [CinemaBlend]

DOWNTOWN: American Apparel started offering free valet parking today to employees at its Alameda Square HQ, according to a forwarded company email. The valet runs until 4 pm, is available to any employees who can't find a self-park space, and operates on a no-tip basis. Apparently parking was getting pretty gnarly down there. [Curbed Inbox]