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Justin Bieber Neighbors Won't Pay HOA Dues Until He's Scolded

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In case you haven't heard, Justin Bieber has been seriously pissing off his neighbors in Calabasas's gated The Oaks neighborhood since he moved in last year--first he got into a possibly physical altercation with one neighbor (over speeding), then he was chased down last week by ex-NFL player Keyshawn Johnson (over speeding). Now TMZ reports that several of the wealthy neighbors say they'll withhold homeowners association dues until the HOA does "something about the singer's reckless behavior." By "something" they apparently mostly mean "give Justin a stern reminder about the neighborhood rules he's allegedly broken repeatedly -- such as noise during parties (some while Justin was out of town), Justin's friends parking on the street overnight ... and, of course, the speeding." The neighborhood has about 500 residents each paying about $1,000 a month; so just how much will it cost to scold Justin Bieber?
· Calabasas Neighbor Says Justin Bieber Drove Through 'Hood at 100 mph and Also Spit on Him [Curbed LA]