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Glendale Wooing Workers to Fill Its Shiny New Apartments

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The Glendale News-Press has a look at Glendale's efforts to get more of its workers living within its city limits. It's no secret that downtown Glendale is in the midst of a major housing boom--2,000 apartment and condo units are in the pipeline or have been recently completed--and it appears to be beginning to pay off. After seeing its population drop in the 2010 census, the number of residents in Glendale is creeping back up to its 2000 level, perhaps thanks in part to the rash of buildings aimed at "hip, young professionals." City Councilmember Laura Friedman noted that many of Glendale's younger workers were commuting from neighborhoods outside the city because of a lack of appropriate and affordable housing--nowadays, "likening a new development as 'a great fit for Disney workers' is a common refrain during design-approval meetings." And the city is starting to see the opening of rojects like Eleve Lofts, part of the building trend targeting Generation Y-ers with its little-but-affordable units and young person amenities. But as Ara Najarian, another city councilmember, points out, new residents who then commute out of Glendale do no favors for traffic, either. The percentage of workers who live in Glendale is up a few points to 32 percent, just edging out Burbank but still far behind the area live/work capital Pasadena at 41 percent.
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