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Hotels Week Has Ended, Broadway Slims Down

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[The Roosevelt Hotel lit up in honor of the Supreme Court's big rulings on gay marriage. Photo by Tom Andrews]

Week in Review: This week, we all experienced the first annual hotels week, but now its over, so hug your loved ones. During this wondrous week, Curbed unveiled its list of LA's 38 Essential Hotels, which included Chateau Marmont, the Mondrian, the SLS, and the Queen Mary. In preparation for the arrival of Downtown's streetcar, Broadway is going on road diet with pedestrian friendly amenities included. The much ballyhooed X-Train from LA (ok, Fullerton) to Las Vegas (ok, North Las Vegas) may still have its inaugural launch for New Years Eve, but regular service won't begin for another year. In an affront to all good-natured people everywhere, Los Angeles has told convenient and consumer friendly taxi/car share operators Uber, Lyft and Sidecar to stop operating in the City. The most glorious underground home you've ever seen, featuring two tennis courts (one underground, one above), and a crazy list of extras is now on the market for $53 million in Rolling Hills. The big CasdenWestLA project at Pico and Sepulveda has been sliced and diced to maybe stop attracting so much hate -- gone are the proposed Target, supermarket, and seven stories.