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A Handy Guide On How to Tip at a Hotel

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Rest easy, traveler: no one else knows how to tip in hotels, either. From the doorman to the bellhop, concierge, and housekeeping, there are a lot of hands vying for your spare bills from the moment you roll up to the front door. What to do? Well, you could keep your head down and bags to yourself, bar housekeeping from your room, and interact with no one at all, or you could read this handy dandy guide to hotel tipping. Props to USA Today for interviewing a bunch of hotel pros and etiquette experts for their thoughts on how much to tip everyone you might meet in a hotel, save your fellow guests--good advice is timeless (if adjusted for inflation). Here's what's suggested for the major players:

-- Person who carries your bags to the lobby, and to the room: $1 to 5.
-- Concierge: A sliding scale based on the difficulty of the task--nothing for basic help and advice, up to $50 for multiple bookings, tickets to a sold-out show, or a tough restaurant reservation
-- Housekeeping: $1 to 5 a day.
-- Room service: If the bill includes a service charge, $0 to 3.
-- Pool attendant: $1 to 2 if they've brought you a towel or something nice like that.
-- Valet (returning your car): $2 to 4.
· How much to tip at hotels, and when: A primer for guests [USAT]