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Watch a Supercut of the Lost Ambassador Hotel's Film Roles

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In 2005, the LAUSD demolished one of Los Angeles's most storied buildings: Koreatown's Ambassador Hotel. Now filmmaker Camilo Silva is working on a film called After 68, "a gripping exposé on the dynamic history and controversial demolition" of the hotel. The title refers to the Ambassador's most notorious moment: the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968 (the school that now sits on the site is named for Kennedy). According to a press release, "Filming began during the demolition of the hotel and Silva was able to capture interviews from a range of key people involved with the Ambassador." There is of course now a Kickstarter to raise funds to finish up the film, with a whole bunch of great information, including a fantastic supercut of the hotel's film roles. Watch below.

Movies Filmed At The Ambassador from Camilo Silva on Vimeo.

· After 68: The Rise and Fall of The Ambassador Hotel [Kickstarter]