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Even Defamer Can't Celeb-Stalk at the Chateau Marmont Without Consequence

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Have you heard that Gawker Media is relaunching beloved industry blog Defamer? They've set up New Yorker/former Gawker Editor-in-Chief AJ Daulerio in a bungalow at the Chateau Marmont this week while he gets things up and running, and he's found the storied hotel lives up to the hype. (He has also found a bird shacking up in his room.) Further, he's learned that it is dead serious about its no photos/Tweeting/etc. policy (he's not the first): After overseeing a liveblog of the dinner hour last night, Daulerio was handed a letter from General Manager/terrific letter-writer Philip Pavel, reading in part:

I am also reaching out to you as I read about your plan to live blog from the restaurant tonight. As much as I am enthusiastic about your cause against "infantile degeneracy of adderalled junior execs" (I personally would add senior execs, agents, managers, actors and actresses to that list as well), I unfortunately have to inform you that we have a strict policy forbidding such an action.?? Our hotel's success has been about doing everything we can to protect the privacy of our guests, so we ask that you please respect our rule forbidding unauthorized photography, video, or internet posts about our guests while in house. The best part about my job is that this hotel attracts clever and fun people like yourself - I would hate to have to ask you to leave as a result of this policy being crossed.

??I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay and find some great acolytes for the new Defamer. And for the record, we are totally okay with "toe-slurping," as long as it doesn't involve Mr. Tarantino.

Much more friendly than the note Pavel sent to Lindsay Lohan, anyway (and hers probably did not come with a chilled bottle of wine). Daulerio is loading up on mimosas awaiting an eviction, but we're betting he gets a pass on this one.
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