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Hidden Gem Hotel: Sierra Madre's Two-Person Jailhouse Inn

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Throughout Hotels Week, we'll be spotlighting a few favorite under-the-radar hotels. Have a recommendation you'd like to share with the group? Email us.

If you're ever going to spend a weekend in the slammer, here's hoping it's in Sierra Madre's adorable Jailhouse Inn. A pokey that, at 200 square feet, is literally pokey, Sierra Madre's only hotel is located within an 86-year-old structure that originally housed the quaint town's city hall, police department, and jail. Owned and operated by a former criminal attorney, the Jailhouse Inn can only accommodate two guests--how romantic!--who will be served an optional breakfast "subpoena" to be redeemed across the street at the totally decent Corfu Restaurant. Rates are $195 for a one-night stay or $155 per night for two or more nights.
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