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Here's an Awesome Redesign of the Los Angeles Freeway Map

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Boston-based designer Peter Dunn decided to try his hand at creating a new map of LA's highway system and the results are pretty great, and more than a little reminiscent of London's iconic tube maps. Dunn explains that "my challenge was to clarify every possible route through 31 freeways, 75 interchanges, and more than 850 exits covering a few thousand square miles of greater Los Angeles, all in a single poster ... First, I created a set of symbols and design rules that clarify where drivers can enter the system, which direction to go, how to connect to a different freeway, and where to exit." The Kickstarter campaign he launched earlier this week is already fully funded, but Dunn is looking for help from all the eagle-eyed map nerds out there: if you see any errors, send them his way.
· Greater Los Angeles Freeway Map Redesign [Kickstarter]