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A Sneak Peek at the Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel's Big Makeover

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[Photos by Elizabeth Daniels]

The Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City has been around since 1880 and its accompanying hotel "made its original debut when 'Mad Men' were actually on Madison Avenue, the spirit of Camelot had taken over the nation, men were sporting new trim two-button suits with pointed shiny shoes ?," says a press release (we think that means the 1960s). Now it's undergoing a big makeover, with Partners in Design "re-imagining the eight acre hotel property with a contemporary new design which will pay homage to its mid-century roots while creating a new boutique hotel experience." The 190 rooms, Patio Cafe, swimming pool, and lobby are all getting freshened--the lobby will feature an 80" flatscreen "spotlighting a unique helicopter view of Studio City"; the rooms will be decked in white, orange, and gray and get new beds and custom bedding; and the pool will get two cabanas with seating, TVs, WiFi, and USB chargers, plus a new bar area. Work is set to be finished in the fall, but we got an early look--see it above.
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