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One of LA's Worst Hotels is a Van Nuys Crack and 'Roach Den

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It seems entirely appropriate that when you Google the Voyager Motor Inn's address, the autofill offers you "6500 septic tank." We think some of its guests might have preferred that. Rated as one of the worst hotels in LA, the Voyager's residents seem to include down-and-out families, prostitutes with substance abuse issues, and a handful of tourists who will never book a hotel without reading online reviews again. Here's a sample of what the latter group had to say:

-- "Good if you're looking for crack and prostitutes"
-- "the first sight. looks like a place to have sex but we didnt realise the hole stuff. so we checked in, as long as we made it. there was this gang style guy coming into the hotel. it scared me, but i said ok. dont be a pussy, its just one guy, he might also be a normal person, not a gang guy. so we took our car and got into the parking."
-- "After NOT getting a nights sleep I had to demand a room change. I was upgraded to Roach petting zoo. I had actually gone a lifetime without ever seeing a "roach". Well, I've seen a lifetimes worth, thanks to the ole Voyager! I mean roaches were EVERWHERE. They almost formed a mural over the bed. The next night there seemd to be a lot of police activity. Apparetly my next door drug-dealer neighbor decided he didn't like his girlfriend anymore so he tried to strangle her."
· Hotels Week 2013 [Curbed LA]