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Meet The People Who Hate the Much-Beloved Hotel Bel-Air

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The Hotel Bel-Air is one of the fanciest, most storied hotels in town, and a room will run you close to $800 a night once taxes and fees are taken into account. Most reviewers think the place is the cat's pajamas, but a handful of grumps can't handle the newfangled technology, think the service sucks, and really just want a signature salad. How hard is it for a hotel to have a damn signature salad? (Note: Hotel Bel Air has a signature salad.)

-- "Technological Nightmare: Now you cannot turn on a light without using an iPad. And then it's all the lights or none. The bellmen and front office staff are busy running to all the rooms to turn the lights, heat, a/c, etc. on and off for the guests. I asked the the bellman to tell the management that the technology was impossible. He then told me that if he complained for the guests one more time, he would be fired."
-- "Having just come from lunch at Spago in Beverly Hills, we were a bit dismayed to learn that ALL dining outlets of the hotel feature Wolfgang Puck's food with no claim to fame of a chef of their own, not even a signature "Hotel Bel-Air salad," for instance. We love Wolf's work, but why couldn't just a small part of the hotel serve F&B that is more signature than a chef that appears in take-away at airports all over the USA?"
-- "The restaurant is a tragedy."

This may very well make sense in the original German, but once Google Translate had its way with it, it does not. He didn't like the service? Or the permeability?

-- "And anyway the reception, little helpful, unwilling, without understanding for guests wishes. Since the Hotel Bel-Air is then dehr unelegant. One wants copy the permeability and Californian lightness of the Sunset Marquis hotels the Bel-Air obvious, but understands not, that is the basis for every good and-functioning service professionalism. The GM strives to crisis management, but the Bel-Air is missing the fundamental quality management of a top class hotels. Check-in and check-out were on YHA atmosthere level. The question. Conclusion. One can live much too expensive for these unprofessional Service, elegantly in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills in other hotels also."
· Hotel Bel-Air [TripAdvisor]

Hotel Bel Air

701 Stone Canyon Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90077