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9 Awful Hotel Reviews From People Who Got What They Paid For

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Ah, the sad refrain of the chastened budget booker: "You get what you pay for." Here's a roundup of travelers who did, in fact, get what they paid for (a terrible hotel):

Clarion Inn: "The ONLY redeeming quality of this hotel is that it's the closest lodging (and a 10 minute walk) to Universal Studios. The lobby was under construction so there was no lobby. We had to check in via a movie theater type of window that was in the parking garage. Our room was small and dark. We had a view of a dirty brick wall and bars. We couldn't even see the sky. Upon arrival our toilet was clogged with toilet paper. When we tried to flush it down, it overflowed all over the bathroom floor. Someone did come right away to unclog it and clean the mess. The walls were paper thin ... The breakfast tables were set up in the parking garage, not far from a wall of construction junk/materials. My daughter's milk in her carton was curdled. The carton felt warm when taken out of the fridge. My own carton also felt warm too, so I threw it away."

Studio City Court Yard Hotel: "As a previous poster said; 'You get what you pay for.' ? We just wanted a place to sleep, didn't need any amenities...and didn't get any. The 1st night was horrific. The rooms have a terrible chemical odor that smell like cleaning chemicals that are attempting to cover up other musty odors. The rooms surrounding ours must have sent out flyers to announce their party as there was loud music, shouting, banging, blaring TVs etc going until 5 AM."

Hollywood Guest Inn: "stayed for 2 nights, room drab, no cofee machine, no radio alarm ,tv reception awful, even had to ask for an ashtray!!, tv remote held together by tape, but bedding and towels clean, and I guess you get what you pay for ..."

Holiday Inn Los Angeles International Airport: "Initially booked this hotel for a cut-rate price, but in the end you get what you pay for. An 'upgrade' to two double beds cost an extra $20 ( a roll away was $10 extra), along with the $15 self parking (no other available) and all taxes pretty much brought our one-night stay to double what I thought I'd be paying. None of this information was displayed on the hotel's website, I had to call to get it."

Hollywood Stars Inn: "The first room we were shown had a funny smell. The room we took was quite large and pretty clean, although there was a couch in there that was horribly stained and I really didn't want to know what went on on it. The sheets were clean but didn't quite fit and were not neatly tucked. Considering the size of the room, it was surprising that there was no closet. The bathroom was pretty clean, but the tub could have used a more thorough scrubbing along the bottom and the toilet lid looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in years (but at least the toilet itself was clean)."

Motel 6 Los Angeles - Hollywood: "My sister had surgery in Beverly Hills and we needed a clean, not so expensive place to stay one night. Not so expensive is what we got. Clean? The room had trash in it and a musty feel and smell that was only relieved by running the air conditioner (which works great by the way!). The staff was cordial but very lazy and unorganised. @ check in the clerk insisted she see my sister and her i.d. so she can stay in the room, which was fine but she left her standing there while she had a personal conversation on the phone, not something one wants to do post-op. A large dog made a mess in the door way and it stayed there for well over 2 hours."

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles: "My trip from start to finish was unpleasant. I was on business and forced to stay at this hotel due to lack of options and not know better. My original room had leaking shower head, clogged bath tub and a sink faucet that sprayed outward when turned on. I asked for a new room and then learned that the leaking shower head and clogged bath tub were not isolated problems, but also features of the new room. With exhaustion setting in, I decided to keep the room for the remaining five nights. What really appalled me was talking to the lady at the front desk when requesting a new room. She was happy to fulfill my request, but did not ask why I wanted a new room. I took the liberty of telling her, but she simply shrugged her shoulders and handed me my new key."

Ramada Los Angeles Convention Center: "All and all, it was fine. But expect to get $89.00 a night ( work of value. Very small room, shower falling apart, cracks in the ceiling. Just felt dirty even though it was clean. Wifi was down for 2 days, with no "resolve" time or date from staff. You get what you pay for... my own fault."

The Claremont Hotel: "If you're looking for a clean and secure room, I suggest you look elsewhere. I stayed there in early January, 2005, and would not go back. The blankets on the beds were not just stained, they were truly dirty. The hair and "crusty" spots on them suggested that they'd not been washed in quite some time. The old mattresses and box springs sported large dark stains. The doorknob lock (no deadbolt or chain) did little to make me feel secure. I overheard a woman requesting a different room because she 'couldn't stand the smell' in hers."
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