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Super-Historic Owlwood Estate Still Looking For $150MM Buyer

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One of the Real Estalker's merry band of tipsters noticed that the extravagantly huge/historic Owlwood estate in Holmby Hills has popped up on The Agency's website. Rumor had it that the 10-acre property was being quietly shopped around with an eye-popping $150 million asking price last summer. That price may have popped some eyes but it did not separate anyone from their personal fortune and so the brokerage is turning up the volume--but only a little. Owlwood's been listed for sale alright, but only on the agent's site and with a price available only on request--and the link for more details sends you to a password-protected microsite. Intriguing. Owlwood is made up of three properties, each with a starrier Hollywood pedigree than the next. All that's left of the original houses is a 12,000-square-foot house built in 1936 and designed by Robert D. Farquhar. We've got your refresher on the whole history of the property here, and in the absence of listing photos, check out this old video the ever-dependable RE turned up.

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