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Wallpaper Madness in '70s Ranch on Market For First Time

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This four-bedroom, four-bathroom house in Beverly Hills Post Office is looking for its second owner--it was a model house bought from the developer in 1972. The 2,420-square-foot ranch is set on more than a third of an acre with a nice and grassy backyard, and the listing says it's "gated, very private & ready to make one of the finest homes in the neighborhood," which makes us think it won't be left standing for long after it finds a buyer. So do yourself a favor and take this opportunity to check out the epic '70s wallpaper job on this house before it's too late. It's perfect. Here's hoping the match-the-bedspread-to-the-bathroom-wallpaper looks comes back and quick. The house is on the market for $1.55 million and homeowners association dues of $260 per month.
· 9789 Tottenham Ct [Redfin]