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CasdenWestLA Chopping Off 7 Stories, Target, Supermarket

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Ahead of Friday's City Council meeting (where it's up for approval), developer Casden has decided to trim its huge mixed-use CasdenWestLA project, planned for the corner of Pico and Sepulveda. The transit-oriented development adjacent to a future Expo Line stop was going to bring four buildings (the tallest at 17 stories) with 638 residential units, a Target, a supermarket, and additional retail space to the site of a cement factory right near the 405. But a raft of neighborhood groups, along with City Councilmembers and even the City Attorney, kicked up a fuss, and yesterday Casden offered a compromise. According to the LA Times, the number of residential units will drop to 595, the tallest building will top out at 10 stories now, and the planned Target and supermarket have both been ditched, with a drastic reduction of the commercial space. The Target in particular had drawn fire because its shoppers were not likely to take public transportation to get there. There are no answers yet on how changes will effect the mix of residential units. Also unclear is how the changes will effect the transit-friendly goodies--like additional bike parking, a station bathroom, and traffic concierge--that Casden promised when the Planning Commission approved the project. We'll update when we hear back.
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