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New Metro App Should Help End Some Train and Bus Nonsense

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Riding a Metro bus or train is an innocuous adventure 95 percent of the time, but it's that five percent that sticks with you (and drives others back to their cars). Today the transit agency announced a new smartphone app that should reduce unpleasant experiences by enabling users to connect "by telephone to the [LA] Sheriff's Dispatch Center or send a photograph via email where deputies and other professional staff receive it and respond appropriately." The app is not for serious, violent crimes--call 9-1-1, please!--but for "transit-related crimes" like people smoking on board and tagging windows, or for notifications about things like broken elevators or escalators. The one caveat is that the app won't work in the subway tunnels until next year, when they're outfitted for WiFi and cell phone service, but will work on all the buses and above-ground light rail lines.
· Metro introduces smart phone security app to report transit-related crimes [The Source]