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Here's the Angelino Heights House that Played a Brothel on the Mad Men Season Finale

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AMC's Mad Men featured its usual slew of Los Angeles locations filling in for mid-century New York (and also LA and Detroit) in its sixth season, which wrapped up this past Sunday night. But if the Curbed inbox is any barometer, no location has generated more excitement than the Angelino Heights house that stood in for the Pennsylvania brothel where a young Don Draper/Dick Whitman grew up. Several internet sleuths traced the address to 1355 Carrol Avenue, a six-bedroom house built in 1887 that in reality is in much better shape than the 1968 version we saw on TV this weekend. Franklin Avenue takes a closer look at all the CGI that went in to making the place look like the poster-house for urban blight, rundown and sad, surrounded by brick apartment buildings and smokestacks. Bonus points to the lady who practically snapped the publicity still from her apartment window.
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