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Hidden Gem Hotel: The Hollywood Spot Where Janis Joplin Died

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Throughout Hotels Week, we'll be sharing a few of readers' favorite under-the-radar hotels. Have a recommendation you'd like to share with the group? Email us.

"A diamond in the rough that my parents used to stay at when I was still an apartment dweller in Hollywood (before making the move to a house in Glassellland), is the Highland Garden[s] hotel. It is centrally located in Hollywood next to the Magic Castle on Franklin. My Father came across it because it is the hotel where Janis Joplin died. It was always surprisingly affordable, great lobby, amazing pool, and the layout of the very spacious rooms is more like staying in an apartment than a hotel. It seemed like there were always some aspiring Hollywoodites on extended visits staying at the hotel." FYI: When Joplin died, this was called the Landmark Hotel. Rates start at about $129.
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