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Buy This Historic Rosslyn Hotel Mural on EBay For $5,000

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The LA Daily Mirror noticed that a little slice of LA history is up for grabs on eBay today--a panel from a 1915 mural by Danish artist Einar Petersen that once graced the walls of Downtown's Rosslyn Hotel. It was originally one of five panels depicting scenes from LA's history. The seller (in Montana, of all places) is asking $5,000 for the piece, which is in pretty terrible condition. Petersen went on to become a prolific local muralist who did pieces for Clifton's Cafeteria, what's now the Hilton Checkers, and several other buildings around town, but the Rosslyn mural was his first commission. According to the seller's account, it remained in the hotel until it was renovated in the 1980s and four of the panels were bought by one couple (it's unclear what happened to the fifth).

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