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A Fantastic New Terminal at LAX, Irv's Burgers Not Doomed

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[Tiny new apartments in Glendale designed to appeal to our precious millenials have opened]

This Week's Top Stories: Following a two year closure, Echo Park Lake reopened last Sunday and Angelenos (hipsters, old people, young people, etc.) came out in droves to experience happiness in the sun, maybe for the first time. Curbed went inside the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX and took some awe inspiring pictures of the lovely new building. Those two madness inducing giant towers adjacent to the Capitol Records building in Hollywood have been reduced in size, but its doubtful the project opponents will be placated. Metro is trying to cobble together enough funding to continue its subway/light rail building spree which would extend its reach to the South Bay, further into the San Gabriel Valley, and through the Sepulveda Pass. As the week began, it looked like West Hollywood's corner burger joint, Irv's Burgers, was doomed to face the wrecking ball, but later we learned that was not the case and the building was just going to be rehabbed. US Airways has taken a look at the old map of Los Angeles and decided it's not good enough, so they came up with a new one, creating a larger Downtown, a new Waterfront district, and relegating anything east of a jagged line as Neighboring Communities. Planners and dreamers are imagining how to turn the moribund Westwood Village into a lively, artsy hub.