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The Last Roller Rink in the Heart of LA is Closing This Weekend

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There are just two days left to skate at Mid-City institution World on Wheels roller rink, says KPCC this morning. The rink opened in 1981, and is closing along with the bowling alley and bar it shares its space with--their parent company declared bankruptcy a few months back. World on Wheels is the last rink in the heart of the city and is being mourned by some fans like a death in the family; they see it as an important community center. According to Los Angeles magazine, "When I talked with various people around the rink about the closing, many of them expressed concern for the kids of the neighborhood. World on Wheels is a safe haven from drugs and gangs in the predominantly black, low-income area. The rink is a community-gathering place, they argued, that makes up for the lack of parks."
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