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New Glendale Apts. For Millennials are Tiny and Very Expensive

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The Glendale apartment complex designed just for millennials (with very few things) is open for business. The Elevé Lofts and Skydeck "serves as a prototype of the type of housing that appeals to this generation: hip, technology savvy and very sociable." The seven-story building features "a sun deck with two spas, an outdoor movie area, a fenced dog park, a sports bar, a poets corner and numerous BBQ areas," plus groundfloor retail. Residents of the 208-unit building are going to need all that socializing space because they aren't going to find any in their apartments--the smallest units are just 375 square feet and will rent for $1,500 to $1,675. There are also two microloft floor plans available and a two-bedroom layout with rents starting at $2,575. Amazingly, the developer calls this the "solution" to young renters struggling to find affordable housing. It'll be interesting to see how it goes.
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