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Mostly-Preserved Mid-Mod in Eichler Tract Asking $699k

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Did every owner of a mid-century house get a memo this month telling them to sell? They seem to be hitting the market at a furious pace. Today's entrant may not be as tricked out, fancy, or downright enormous as the ones we saw earlier this week, but it's got charm of its own, and a much more reasonable price tag. Located in A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons's Eichler Tract in the Balboa Highlands Historic Preservation Zone, this four-bedroom, two-bathroom house was built in 1964. It's seen some not-entirely-appropriate updating through the years, but with walls of glass, beamed ceilings, and an angular pool, there's no mistaking its mid-century cred. It's on the market for $699,000.
· 12743 Darla Ave [Estately]