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Tom Bradley Dining Deck Reveal, Russia Invades Melrose Place, Eater Young Guns 2013 Announced

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[Elizabeth Daniels 6/13]

LAX: Tomorrow we'll have a full tour of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal, but today Eater got a look at the new dining deck that will finally showcase our city's great array of culinary options. Iconic LA restaurants, including ink.sack, Tavern, Chaya, LAMill, Umami, and 800 Degrees, are the deck's stars and sit in a very modern, shiny terminal that should open in late August.

BEVERLY GROVE: Another advance viewing from Eater: inside Russian eatery Marri Vanna, opening June 25. The interiors look beautiful; definitely befitting refined Melrose Place. There's also some silly business about secret keys for celebrities that unlock the restaurant's front door.

LOS ANGELES: Eater just announced their Young Guns Class of 2013: meet 15 of the most distinguished young chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, and hospitality industry professionals in the country. LA is represented via a female (yeah!) Young Gun--meet her here. You can try some EYG food this weekend at Eater Youngs Eve; get your tickets here.
· Eater LA [Official Site]

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