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Lake Arrowhead's Hilltop Estate Still On the Market

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Welcome back summer weather! It's another season of Weekend Getaways, where we look at homes within driving distance (or maybe a little further) of Los Angeles that are on the market.

Location: 28751 North Shore Road, Lake Arrowhead
Price: $14,800,000
Size: 15,000 sq. ft. on 3.8+ acres

Known as Hilltop, this Lake Arrowhead estate was built in 1935, and has been listed and delisted repeatedly since at least 2003, with a price as low as $9.975 million. The home is currently the most expensive offered on Lake Arrowhead, but if you can't afford to buy it you can have it for a week or weekend. It's listed on VRBO, where a summer or holiday week at the house will cost $18,000 (just the 2 day weekends will cost you half that). The VRBO listing also adds the following bit of Hollywood history: "Once owned by M.C.A. Founder Jules Stein, Hilltop was the vacation destination for Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, and Marilyn Monroe (her personal bungalow "The Happy Hut" - has been preserved)."
· 28751 North Shor Rd, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352 [Redfin]
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