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11 Small Ideas for Mayor-Elect Garcetti to Make LA Better

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With Eric Garcetti set to become Mayor as of July 1, we imagine he must be twiddling his thumbs in the interim wondering what he should do when he finally takes over. We're happy to offer up our own suggestions for the little things that can be done to make LA less ugly, sort of functional, and more pedestrian and tourist friendly. We polled our planning and architecture friends to get small ideas that could actually be done with the few resources that the City has, and while some ideas were big ("End homelessness" from a Wendy Greuel proxy) most were on the smaller side ("enforcement of litter laws," "pothole fillers should be more permanent"). We've compiled eleven small (and not terribly costly) ideas for how the new mayor can improve the way the City looks and functions. Please feel free to add your own suggestions to the mix in the comments.

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