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WeHo's Threatened Irv's Burgers Shack Will Be Rehabbed

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A report a couple days ago indicated that the owner of the historic Irv's Burgers hamburger shack in WeHo was told to hit the road and that the stand was at risk of being demolished, even though it's a protected structure. But Tamara White, a spokesperson for the city, says WeHo ensured Irv's was untouchable way back in 2005: "Irv's is located in a historic building that is not being demolished but is instead being rehabilitated in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Resources ... It cannot be torn down without several stringent findings being made at a public hearing per West Hollywood Municipal Code 19.58.110. White continues, "The approved plans allow for both buildings on the site to be rehabilitated into two restaurants. The plans include the renovation and reuse of the former auto repair building, including an outdoor dining patio, and the rehabilitation of the Irv's building to remain as a restaurant."

"The current entitlements require that the rehabilitation work to the building in which Irv's Burgers is currently a tenant be completed prior to the opening of the second restaurant on site. Although the City has no authority with regard to commercial landlord and tenant matters, we have been in contact with both and offered them our assistance."

As she indicated, White could not speak to whether Irv's current owner, Sonia Hong, will run the new restaurant that will live in the current shack: "I don't have the details on Irv's notice to vacate and unfortunately there's not much the City can do in these cases as we have no authority with regard to commercial landlord and tenant matters."
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