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Caltrans Pissed About Traffic Effects of Huge Towers Around Capitol Records

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The LA Times takes a closer look at the traffic concerns over the huge Millennium Hollywood development planned for the lots around the Capitol Records Tower, which the City Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee approved yesterday--specifically there are big-time rumblings over its effects on the Hollywood Freeway. Caltrans, not usually known to be in league with NIMBYish forces, is "accusing city officials of using bogus statistics and trampling over state law in an effort to push the project through to approval by the City Council." Caltrans doesn't buy the assertion that the the twin-towered complex, which will include 492 residences in addition to hotel rooms and commercial space, will only result in 150 extra car trips during peak hours; they say the estimate "is not based on any credible analysis that could be found anywhere," and doesn't look at the on- and off-ramps closest to the project.

In response, yesterday Millennium offered a few new trip-reduction measures: they'll increase the number of park-and-ride spaces from 10 to 50 and the'll kick in $50,000 a year for 10 years to provide transit passes for people who live and work at Red Line-adjacent Millennium. Will that appease Caltrans? We didn't hear any specific responses to Caltrans's concerns at the meeting yesterday, but, along with the height reduction, it was enough to get the PLUM committee on board.
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