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New WeHo Bike Data Says Santa Monica Blvd. is Busy and Scary

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As West Hollywood moves to update its bicycle and pedestrian plan and encourage more cycling and foot traffic, it held a public meeting this weekend to brief the public. Attendees inquired about more bike racks, street furniture, and traffic-calming measures, while city officials displayed data they've gathered since April, counting bikes all over the city. Santa Monica Boulevard, which has bike lanes running along its sides in some places, was the main thoroughfare for cyclists and also the most likely street for crashes, both between bikes and cars and bikes and pedestrians (crash numbers were tabulated from 2003 to 2011). The city will try to bring those numbers down, all over the city, with more dedicated bike lanes and sharrows.
· WeHo Bike/Ped Update is Moving Forward [WeHo Bicycle Coalition]