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Hollywood Gets LA to Overhaul the Spring Street Bike Lanes

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The whiny film industry and the city have reached a deal on what to do about Spring Street's bright green bike lanes--the City Council passed a motion today to overhaul the lanes to make them more to the industry's liking. Film groups have been complaining ever since the lanes were first painted in 2011, saying the particular shade of green made it incredibly difficult to film the neighborhood for any other place or time (they say the green bounces onto other surfaces, so it's hard to remove in post-production). The compromise is "experimental," according to the LA Times: "Under the new plan, the Spring Street bike lane will lose 80% to 90% of its paint. A 4-inch stripe of forest green would flank the inside of the white lane markers, with the rest of the lane unpainted. The lanes would remain fully painted in areas where vehicles frequently cut into the bike lane." The design will still have to be approved by the state. The industry had been hoping the city would just let the green paint fade; bike advocates met that with a big "say what?"
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