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A Commercial For Abbot Kinney, A. Quincy Jones Home Tours

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'The Coolest Block' - 45" Spec Ad from James Cooper on Vimeo.

VENICE: Director James Cooper recently visited Abbot Kinney, realized it was the coolest block in America, just like GQ said it was, and cut together this little commercial for the block. Not like it needs it--it's already the coolest block in America. And fucking crowded. [Lost at E Minor]

WESTSIDE: To go along with its retrospective of fabulous modernist A. Quincy Jones, the Hammer Museum is hosting two tours of the architects' Westside work. The first this weekend will focus on Jones's houses in the utopian Crestwood Hills community in Brentwood; the second includes both "the glamorous homes he designed for Los Angeles's cultural elite" and Jones's own home, known as The Barn. All the info is here. [Curbed Inbox]