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Meet the Beverly Hills Moms' Club That Likes to Get Baaaaked

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Everyone likes to spark up a doobie and get laced at a party once in a while, but the Daily Mail has the delightful tale of the Beverly Hills moms who prefer to get stoned on the regular (they're "trying to change the perception that drugs and parenting don't mix"). The "marijuana moms," most of whom are married and have young children, smoke pot frequently and also get together "regularly for lavish cannabis-infused dinners" crafted by chef David Schnhals--dishes "have included cannabis leaf salad, chicken fried in cannabis oil and marijuana milk shakes." One mother says "we are proof you can be good parents and productive members of society and use it" and adds "I like to think we are bringing some glamor and exclusivity to marijuana use." She compares it to the mother's little helpers of the 1960s (and apparently has never seen Valley of the Dolls). Just one question: where do they stand on the subway?

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