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Rustic Canyon Post and Beam By Kenneth Lind Asking $13 Mill

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"Very rarely, a property comes along to fulfill your wildest dreams," is how this listing breathlessly begins, and if your wildest dreams involve a mid-century estate on more than three acres at the end of a Rustic Canyon road, then this one's for you. Designed by Kenneth Lind and built in 1969, the house has 10 bedrooms and eight bathrooms in its more than 10,000 square feet. The post and beam is sparsely staged here (and has some odd lighting), but those are some enormous-looking rooms, with soaring ceilings, dramatic skylights, and a fireplace so big you could roast a pig in it if you were so inclined. Outside there's a pool, mature trees and a lot of lawn. The property belonged to hospital administrator and amateur jazz drummer Liston Witherill, who died there earlier this year. It's now on the market for $12.999 million.
· 30 Latimer Road [The Agency]