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First Look at New Design For H'wood's Sunset Bronson Studios

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The proposed Sunset Bronson Studios Entertainment Center--an update to the KTLA Studio block--recently released a revised draft environmental impact report (pdf) with these juicy photos and more details on the endeavor. The project will have a 14-story Gensler-designed office tower (formerly 13, but still the same height thanks to a shorter penthouse), a five-story production office building, and a seven-story garage; it'll also include the relocation the radio tower to its original spot, a bit to the west. The supplemental DEIR mentions that "the façade of the office building has been modified to include groupings of floors that are horizontally offset from each other and feature alternating façades of glass curtain wall and panelized, precast concrete ... The top volume of the office building would be of a smaller footprint compared to the bottom portion of the building and would create a unique profile on the skyline. In addition, a roof terrace area for tenants would be provided within the second and fourth offsets."

Don't worry: the studio's historic Colonial-style offices will remain and be renovated. "The [new] office building also would continue to be set back from Sunset Boulevard to align with the façade of the [historic building], allowing the detailed, articulated façade of the historic executive office building to be visible and prominent." A final EIR is the next step in the process.
· Gensler-Designed Tower and More Proposed for KTLA Studio Block [Curbed LA]