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LA Evicting Homeless and Feral Cats to Build Civic Center Park

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The city's bought that super-blighted lot at First and Spring Streets (across from City Hall and the future federal courthouse) and plans to turn it into a park. The site is right by huge new Grand Park and not too far north of the new Spring Street Park, so we're gonna call three a trend: the Civic Center/Historic Core is getting pretty damn green. The land, nearly two acres, was once home to a state office building; since its demolition four decades ago, a colony of feral cats has moved in and a community of homeless people set up "apartments" in the remains of the underground garage (the people have since been evicted but the cats are still there). Los Angeles is buying the parcel from the state (with money from developers fees and Rec and Parks), but "Funds for the creation of a park have not yet been identified, and the remaining parking facility will require demolition," reports the Downtown News. "Officials believe the park will take two to three years to complete." But first: those feral cats have to be removed. A nonprofit plans to rescue them, then let the Department of Animal Services "work with local humane organizations, cat rescues and members of the public to socialize the cats and find them homes."
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