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Pas's Historic, Abandoned YWCA Becoming Boutique Hotel

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First Palm Springs, now Pasadena--someone at Kimpton wants to corner the hotel market in our our Pa- cities. The hotelier is in exclusive talks with the city of Pasadena to transform the dilapidated former YWCA building in Pasadena into a 150-room boutique hotel. The 1921 building was designed by Julia Morgan--who also designed Heart Castle and was the first woman in the country to work as an independent architect--and it's listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Pasadena has been looking for ways to adaptively reuse the building since they invoked eminent domain to take it over in April of last year. The city received six proposals, each to turn it into a hotel, but it was Kimpton's plan that won over an independent panel. Now Kimpton and the city have 120 days to come to terms on a long-term agreement, and then the hard work begins. According to the LA Times, it may cost $10 million to restore and update the 40,000-square-foot building, which has sustained both fire and water damage during its 14 years of abandonment.
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Pasadena YWCA

78 N. Marengo Ave., Pasadena, CA, Pasadena, CA