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Fears Over Irv's Burgers Demo as WeHo Shack Set to Close

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Irv's Burgers, West Hollwood's 63-year-old burger shack, which received a cultural landmark designation in 2010, is closing at the end of the month, according to Route 66 News. The building's owners have long had plans to redevelop the much-loved stand into a beach-themed restaurant; initially, the plans included incorporating Irv's into the new venture, but that fell through. Irv's owner Sue Hong received a 30-day vacate notice last month and it's not clear if she'll relocate the business. Route 66 worries that the building's owners will attempt to demo the shack by arguing it's an "unviable business/building and ask for an exemption" from the landmark status. Irv's started as a Queen's Burgers and was frequented by Hollywood royalty including John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands; it beat back a 2005 attempt to knock it down and build a Peet's coffee joint.
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