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Moody Sisters Storybook Style Cottage in Montecito

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Welcome back summer weather! It's another season of Weekend Getaways, where we look at homes within driving distance (or maybe a little further) of Los Angeles that are on the market.

Location: 556 Periwinkle Lane
Price: $1,925,000
Size: 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,387 sq. ft.

Recently listed, this three bed, two bath home has a bit of local pedigree in the Santa Barbara vicinity. Designed by Harriett, Brenda, Wilma and Mildred Moody, "The Moody Sisters", the home is one of 35 homes in the area designed by the sisters who gained notoriety in the 30s for designing English Cottage style homes featuring high-beam ceilings and whimsical design elements on the interior. Via the SB independent: "Harriett began designing homes during the 1930s, and word soon spread about their charms. Her six small fairy-tale cottages on Periwinkle Lane in Montecito brought a flood of requests for more work. The sister's designs for smaller residences fit the times as the U.S. struggled through the Great Depression of the '30s." The LA Times also did a story about the Moody Sisters' cottages in 2010.

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