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Tom LaBonge Wants to Rename the 110

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In a news story that reads more like a parody, the Daily Breeze is reporting that Councilman Tom LaBonge is pushing to have the Harbor Freeway renamed to the San Pedro Freeway. Your first and only question might be "why?" Good question! The Councilman answers that probing question. "Almost every freeway is named after a city," LaBonge said. "There's the Santa Monica Freeway, San Diego Freeway, San Bernardino. Only the Harbor Freeway has no city." He continues: "There is no other place in the world like San Pedro and we should recognize it," LaBonge said. "It will help boost the beauty of San Pedro." He goes on to state that calling freeways by their number is an east coast thing. [Daily Breeze/image via Sergio Ruiz/Curbed flickr pool]