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Venice's ZipLine Ready to Go, Metro Map Grows

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[Walt Disney's former estate in Holmby Hills is on the market for $90 million]

This Week's Top Stories: The newly released official Metro map, now including the Purple Line Extension and the Crenshaw Line, shows the extent of growth of our barely two decades old system. So far, so good in the Arts District where the end of the business improvement district left many worrying that trash, feces, and other detritus would pile up on the streets, but those worries are hopefully unfounded. Venice's newest tourist attraction to entertain your visiting square state relatives, a zipline, is scheduled to open soon. Things are getting wackadoodle in our housing market again, as the year over year price increase is reminiscent of the heady bubble days. A Silver Lake homeowner has turned his backyard into an outdoor amphitheater, and almost everyone seems ok with that. Did you go to Coachella? Did you lose your keys/wallet/glasses/phone/etc.? A picture of your lost item, now found, may be a few clicks away. The owner of the Sunset Tower has purchased a clothing optional hotel in West Hollywood that also included a rehab center. Hijinks ensue! Mayor-Elect Garcetti did a Reddit where he listened to suggestions from local yokels like you and me interested in making LA work better. Let's all wish him well as he tackles the challenge(s).