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Everything About This Trip To California Is Odd (And Racist?)

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Tonight, we present to you another great find from the Lost Los Angeles YouTube page. This 27 minute travelogue, courtesy of TWA, takes a newlywed couple, a moviestar, an industrial titan and a little girl on a plane ride to Los Angeles, where the newlyweds become besties with the over-accommodating movie star and his wife. The movie star takes the couple on a tour of Hollywood where the only black person to be seen is actually a guy in blackface. Woah, this is what 1952 Los Angeles was like? Color us shocked. At one point they visit Tijuana to see Mexicans and San Francisco to see "orientals" in Chinatown. Thank goodness for those trim, smiling stewardesses who are so eager to please. Glad to see somethings don't change.
· Flight To California 1952 [YouTube]